Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My passion is creating with wood. I love the feel of wood, the textures of wood, the character of wood and the smell of wood. Years ago I began making simple utilitarian furniture with simple tools. As my interest grew, my work became more ambitious. In 2009, I started watching a show on PBS: Woodturning Workshop.I was fascinated. For almost a year, I recorded the shows and watched them many times. Eventually, I was confident enough to begin my journey.

For the first few years, I explored rudimentary bowl and open form making. I honed my technique by turning every day. As my competency grew, I discovered that I had a hidden artistic streak. I began to investigate ways to indulge my emerging desire. I started with a class on metal leaf and chemical patina finishes. Subsequently, I have taken classes from Master Artists in mineral inlay, piercing & texturing, pyrography and air brushing.  

I enjoy the challenge of releasing the hidden treasure within the heart of a tree. Beauty, balance, finish and functionality drive my direction and imagination. I believe in sustainable wood harvesting obtaining my wood from trees downed by storms or pruning. I advocate the use of non-petroleum based oil so my favorite finish is all natural dewaxed shellac. Each of my creations begins on the lathe. I embellish the piece with piercing, mineral inlay, metal leaf, various dyes, textures, pyrography or air brushing. My objective is to accentuate the beauty of the wood with the other earth elements. The minerals are calcite, fushite, howlite, turquoise and obsidian. The metals are copper, silver and gold leaf. 

An extraordinary piece of wood cries out, it jumps at you.

It begs you to touch it.



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