Inside Obsidian Rim Bowl # 465

Inside Obsidian Rim Bowl # 465

Piece #465 – Dyed Spalted Hackberry with Black Calcite & Obsidian inlay – 12.5″ by 3″ – SOLD


This spalted Hackberry bowl has many features to separate it from others. The natural spalting effect is quite striking. First I stabilized any checking with very thin CA glue and sanded. To play off of the great spalting and to enhance the wood grain I treated the wood with Tannis and Iron Water. Then I heavily sanded most of the surface blackened wood away leaving the blackened sub grain. Next I washed the wood with a very light yellow dyed Denatured Alcohol solution then sanded lightly. I sealed the wood with Dewaxed Shellac then put on several coats of my secret tung oil finish. After curing for four weeks the bowl was buffed and polished.

The inside bead sets proud of the surface of the bowl and rolls over the inside edge. It is made of clear Calcite dyed black, Obsidian, and white Calcite highlights. It was sanded and polished through 4000 grit paper and then polished with Tripoli and white diamond paste on a buffing wheel. It is quite lovely.

Roger Scott, Woodpops





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