Maple Inlaid Butterfly # 484


Maple Inlaid Butterfly # 484

Piece #484 – Maple with Calcite & Howlite Mineral Inlay – 7.5″ by 1.5″ – SOLD


This free standing bowl was turned on the lathe from Hard Maple. The red design on the rim is inlaid calcite and howlite mineral. While the bowl is still on the lathe I cut 3/8? deep square bottom groove in the rim. Remove it from the lathe and hand place the minerals in the groove. When it is full and pleasing to the eye I carefully squirt very thin CA glue in the groove until it is full up to the edge, without running over. Let that all cure for about three days. Put it back on the lathe and sand the top of the mineral with 80 grit sandpaper. Take it off the lathe and inspect the mineral for any holes in the mineral. Any found are filled with calcite dust and topped with CA glue being careful not to let it get on the wood. Let it cure a couple of days. Put it back on the lathe and sand with 100 grit paper through 4000 grit paper. Polish with tripoli and white diamond paste.

The butterfly is sketched in. I use a high speed dental drill with a carbide bit to remove all the wood within the lines. This leave a 3/16 inch deep impression of the butterfly. I crush and sort my minerals according to size and color. I hand place each piece of calcite like an artist uses his paints. When it looks good I carefully squirt very thin CA glue into the butterfly. Use plenty, but not too much. I set it aside to cure then follow the same procedure as above.

This treasure can be displayed upright on its display stand or it can sit flat on your coffee table to be picked up and admired by your friends.

Roger Scott

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