Oak Form


Oak Form


This Oak form has two holes. One in the top and the one in the front. Of course the one in the top was necessary to hollow out the form. The one in the front developed as I hollowed out the piece. As you can see the bark remains on the front of the piece which is what I wanted – a natural side showing as much bark as possible. I also wanted the walls to be as thin as I dared. The oak blank I turned this piece from had a small inclusion (dent). As I turned the inside hollow, the sap wood was thinner under the inclusion and the hole formed.

Not to fret. The location, shape and size of the front hole adds to the character presented by the bark face. This makes the piece unusual and pleasing to the eye. It adds an element of surprise to this Form.

The Oak for this piece came from our friend’s forest in Andrews, NC. I returned it to them and now it resides on their fireplace mantle.

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