Spalted Oak Pot


Spalted Oak Pot


I wanted to turn a piece of green wood to see how it would move as it dried. When this blank of oak was just cut I wrapped it in shrink wrap so it would not check (crack). I let it cure in my garage for about 8 weeks. When I unwrapped it there was this black crust on the end grain and it was quite moist.

I scraped off the mold and mounted it on my lathe. I shaped and hollowed it in about three hours. The finished piece went straight from the lathe into a five gallon bucket of denatured alcohol for a 12 hour soaking. The next morning the piece was removed from its bath and placed on a drying wrack. After about two hours I wrapped the dried pot in three paper grocery bags and stuffed it into my closet.

A month later I removed the Spalted Oak Pot from the closet and finished it my usual way. From the time the piece was cut from the tree to the finished product was about 3 months. Although the pot did not check, it moved quite a bit. You can not see it from this picture but there is a significant bulge to one side making this Spalted Oak Pot quite striking in its shape and color. All in all I pronounced this technique a success.

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