Invisible Forces #269

Invisible Forces #269

Piece #269 – Dogwood ??? Root Ball – 8″ dia x 6.5″ – NFS

I dug this root ball up out of my back yard. I put it on the lathe green and turned it to the pot shape that you see. When I thought it was complete it had no checks, holes or inclusions. It was just a solid, ugly, hollow pot. Over the next few weeks it had transformed itself into the piece that you see. The two root tendrils that were fused and made up the front shrank and came apart from each other and the pot leaving the odd shaped opening in the front. Many checks developed over the entire piece and along the rim. At first glance I almost pitched it in the cutoff bin. But, being one who can’t throw any piece away I kept it on my “To be fixed shelf.” About a year later I spotted it out of the corner of my eye and picked it up. I said to myself, “Maybe I should look at this with a different eye.” So I sat down and studied it for about 5 minuets. It then revealed itself to me for what it really was. I sanded, oiled and polished the piece. I have been its ardent fan every since.

Roger Dale Scott




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