Pair of Spanish Oak Vases


Pair of Spanish Oak Vases


We had a Red Spanish Oak in our back yard. It was about 14 inches in diameter at the base and not to tall or bushy. It was obviously diseased and had to come down before it infected my other oaks. I had a new chain saw and two strapping sons so I figured we could take that baby down. Well, to make a long, sad story short we felled that tree right down the backyard fence line. Our precision was almost perfect. However, I didn’t take into account one major branch. That branch obliterated my neighbors six ft. high stockade fence. The good news was, it only took out one six ft. long panel, which we replaced from Home Depot in record time. My neighbor was very understanding, thank goodness.Didn't see that coming

When I cut the trunk into blanks I was astounded at the worm damage. I was also struck by the discoloration of the wood around the worm holes. The grain was also corrupted and had little pattern. This tree produced some of the most characterized wood that I have ever encountered. I turned some of the blanks when they were still green. These are two of the first pieces that I turned from that tree. In all, that tree produced over two dozen bowls and vessels. I thought of it as my “Worm Hole Collection”. I gave most of them away to family and friends.

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