Poplar Gilded Canister


Poplar Gilded Canister


This Poplar canister, or “BOX” as we wood turners call them, is an experiment in design and color.  The box is 9 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. The walls are about 1/4 inch thick and the lid is a snug fit. The colors were produced by a multistage process and a variety of  art mediums.

The first step was sanding the finished piece with 80 through 220 grit 3M aluminum oxide sandpaper. Next I put on a coat of MINWAX sanding sealer and let dry for 24 hours. After a light sanding with 220 sandpaper I sprayed the piece with gloss red paint and let dry for 4 hours. I then sprayed on some very miner highlight streaks using gloss black acrylic paint. Upon complete curing I covered the box with MINWAX gloss polyurethane and let dry for about three days.

I had just finished a turning class with David Marks, sponsored by my local Woodcraft store and wanted to try David’s process of metal leaf gilding. I sized the piece with one hour size. Using David’s techniques I laid on copper and fake gold leaf leaving about 10% of my painted surface showing. I set the work aside for 24 hours to cure.

The next day I set my work table up outside and donned my hazardous material garb. Using David’s suggested chemicals and application supplies I produced different chemical reactions on the metal leaf resulting in the final colors on the box. I set it aside for about a week before I applied three finishing coats of MINWAX gloss polyurethane.

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