Shattered Bowl # 461


Shattered Bowl # 461

Piece #461 – Chestnut Oak with Calcite inlay – 12.5″ by 4″


This is the fourth piece in a series called “Fault Lines”. The wood came to me as a result of a really bad thunderstorm in Knoxville, TN, Spring 2011. This huge Chestnut Oak was blown down across the road about 1 mile from my house. The County road service cut it into manageable pieces and moved it out of the way. I came the next day in my pick-up truck to obtain a piece. It took Carolyn and me both to manhandle it up a ramp into the truck.

All four bowls in this series came out of the same cross section of the trunk. The piece was so big that it checked in several places. The figure was so nice I did not have the heart to throw it away. After studying it awhile I received the revelation to incorporate the checks into the design of the four bowls. I am really pleased at how they turned out. I got a resounding “WOW!” from my muse when she saw them. That’s the ultimate show of approval for me.



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